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     Dear Friend,  

     As You Sit Here Reading This I Understand How You Must Feel Because I’ve Been There…
     Distraught… Because You Can’t Seem to Pay Your Bills On-Time
     Unfulfilled… Because You Can’t Afford to Live the Life of Your Dreams
     Trapped in a Dead-End, Burn-Out Paced Job You Despise
     Maybe You Have So Little that You Have to Use the Free Computer at Your Local Library Just to Gain the Wisdom Provided on This Page
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     Believe me when I say, I started out using the Free Library System, and spent money on other peoples re-hashed tactics to earn enough to buy my own cheap computer in a few short months.
     I knew there had to be a better system though…I had sat at the Roulette table and seen people rake in more than $1000 in just a few short minutes. My online research was only allowing me to make a small profit every time I sat down and placed my bet. What did they know and I didn’t?
     I knew I had to go beyond the free (and expensive) re-hashed tactics that got so many people kicked out of the casino. If you aren’t sitting at the table, you can’t make any money, wouldn’t you agree?
     Imagine how much money you’ll waste on difficult to follow techniques that just don’t work. You may have already done this many times over just like I did with little or no result.
     You might already know that you could spend thousands buying useless, re-hashed tactics just like I did before I mastered the The Secret Casino Code. In fact, you can sometimes even find no profit tactics for free all over the internet. But who has a few months, no matter how short, to sit and earn less than you can?
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     Albert Einstein once said “God doesn't play dice” - And those are some clever words from a brilliant man.
     This same genius was even overheard saying “The only way you can win the roulette is if you steal from it”.
     Let’s say you choose to literally “roll the dice” next time you visit an online casino.
     When you play dice for 10 straight hours you will see an even distribution of rolls:1,2, 3, 4, 5 and 6...
     It’s a Universal Truth Which the Casino’s Use to Maximize Their Profit and Kick You in the Teeth Every Time…Until You Learn How to Leverage the Powerful Techniques in The Secret Casino Code.
     You see, there is nothing random about the roulette table’s “random number generation computer”.
     Because the probability is equal for all of the numbers you roll when using dice, the same rings true for roulette…
     How Can This Be True?
     Computers are nothing more than oversized calculators…
     They ONLY Operate on the Principles of 1 and Null
     This Creates a Steady, and Proven Stream of Predictable Numbers
     By Now you realize that it is easy to make spot-on decisions based on mathematical prove-ability…going far beyond probability
     You can beat the casino’s system by easily learning how the casino software “roll the dice of fate”…and THAT is where the REAL MONEY is EARNED
     …and True Casino Magic Becomes Reality

roulette strategy


     Do you understand this equation? It would take a ROCKET SCIENTIST or years of grueling study to understand how to use this to beat the system…
     But Now You Don’t Have to Waste Your Time
     …Or Money on the Education
     …Or Money on a Geeky Mathematics Tutor
     Because I Have Simplified Your Winning Strategy So that You Can Easily Discover How to Win Roulette 100%.

     We tried this ourselves and created a simple “random number generator” to pick a random roulette numbers from 0 – 36 and we let the random roulette run on a computer for 1 hour. As predicted the “Roulette Generator” distributed evenly on all numbers with a slight tendency to favour Black numbers over Red numbers...


Roulette Strategy System


     We discovered another secret. One so powerful that we rushed out to a real roulette table to test our theory. You might have guessed that is where we learned how powerful our system truly is…so powerful that we decided to create an easy to use system so that you can win roulette in just 10-15 minutes and grab some fast winnings.

Win Roulette in Ten Short Minutes?

     If you are thinking to yourself,”playing 10 minutes of roulette won’t really make me a million dollars for that boat cruise to Hawaii and my new Ferrari“ . You are 100% Correct…Right Now!
     And This Isn’t Just Because You Don’t Know How to Work the System Yet…
     It’s Because you aren’t thinking about your future. You are thinking about the NOW.

     Imagine if you start playing $0.1 Chips for 2 weeks
     …Easily moving up to $0.2 Chips for 2 weeks
     …Shifting your focus to increasing your profit and playing $1 Chips for 2 weeks
     …And then beginning to see the REAL MONEY when you have enough to win with $2 Chips for 2 weeks

     You have now successfully built your automatic ATM on demand, especially considering that You Win 10-60 chips Every Ten Minutes!

     Do you see now how even a beggar can go from nothing to beyond wealthy starting with just pennies?

     Now you could always start at a higher Chip level…$1 or $2 Chips

     But Before you rush out to the online casino’s let’s do some simple math so that you can see how this real world, fact based, scientifically proven and time-tested system can quickly earn you a tidy profit!

You Invest 1$ AND WIN 60 x $0.1 CHIPS = $6
You Invest 10$ AND WIN 60 x $1 CHIPS = $60
You Invest 100$ AND WIN 60 x $10 CHIPS = $600
x4 sites per day = ...$$$$$$
x7 days per week = ... $$$$$$$

     All you have to do is stay low and keep within the 10 minute limit, just play 4 casino sites one day and 4 different casino sites the next... every other day change back and repeat. This way you are playing the roulette system on 8 sites within a 48 hour cycle. You won’t get busted. You won’t get banned. You’ll Keep Earning the Money…and You’ll Work Your Way Up to the Millions.
     So No, We AREN’T promising you a million dollars Today Get Rich Quick Scheme because that would be tacky.
     You’ll have to invest a few pennies to get started, and you’ll certainly have to invest 10 minutes per site per day to maximize your profits.
     You’ll still earn if you only play ten minutes on one site per day…but why would you put a block to your earnings when you know you can be earning so much more right now?
     Many people who use this system have won FAR MORE than 60 Chips in 10 minutes when playing JUST the Roulette System + Red/Black Roulette.

The Proof is in the Pictures…
And Pictures Don’t Lie


     By now you are wondering if this is the real deal…or just some re-hashed scheme to reach into your pocket and grab your hard earned money.
     Take a look at these REAL Unedited Screen Shots.
     Better Yet Share Them with a Few of Your Photoshop Friends (because they can prove to you that these are not edited and they’ll want to join in your fun!)

     Fact: You won't find “FUN MODE” in these shots Because we believe that this is a True Investment. (Sure, playing IS fun but you MUST start thinking of your money as a tool for lifelong happiness and fulfillment. Higher profit strategies leveraged NOW means EVEN MORE FUN in your future!)

How to win roulette

We won $450

win roulette

We won €36

Win at roulette

We won €450

win at roulette

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Sooner or later you’ll realize that this is the easiest way to maximize your investment but this may be your last chance to place your bet on how to win roulette. Don’t waste any more time losing at the tables.

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